Some people wonder about the role of portraits in an age when photography has never been easier. Here’s my philosophy:

There’s a difference between snapping a picture and taking a photograph — especially a portrait. Pictures are quick. Portraits are deliberate. A picture captures what you see. A portrait is a way of seeing. Lighting, composition, quality — those are the characteristics that define portraiture. It’s the same as the difference between humming a tune and singing an aria. The details matter.

For your business, portraits are a way to connect a face with a name and humanize your company’s image. They remind your customers that behind the emails, invoices, and contracts there are living, breathing people working hard to meet their needs.

Quality Prints for Home and Office

What you hang on your walls says something about who you are — it’s true for your home and your business. That’s why the art you choose should be more than an afterthought. My prints are designed to call attention to the vibrant colors, dramatic vistas, and unique compositions that are all around us. Each one highlights an aspect of nature that deserves its own celebration — in a view that’s uniquely yours. They’re the perfect complement to any décor.


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